Chiefs & Officers

Our Leadership

From the front, we lead and from the rear, we train. 

Chiefs & Officers


Tim Westwick

Fire Chief

Josh Newton

Deputy Chief

Steve Thornton

Deputy Chief

Elected Officials

Board of Directors

Cathy Van Benthuysen – President

John Davis – Vice President

Tim Westwick – Fire Chief

Drew Gilbert – Secretary

Josh Newton – Treasurer

Kyler Albright – Firefighter at Large


Our Members

Kyler Albright – FF/EMT
Gerianne Boatright – Lifetime
Jake Chappell – FF/EMT
Josh Collier – FF/EMT
John Davis – FF/EMT
Ty Eberle – FF/EMT
Drew Gilbert – EMS Captain

AJ Johnson – Firefighter
Kyle Owen – FF/EMT
Christian Phillips – Firefighter        Bill Scofield – Firefighter          
Brandon Tunstill – EMT
Yvette Westwick – Support  Kevontre Youngblood – FF/AEMT